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Sunshine Motocross

Sunshine Motocross
4300 126th Ave N.
United States
Lat = 27.886469
Long = -82.691584
Track Length
1.5 Mile(s)
Track Elevation
Track Description
With over 1.5 miles of track and 50 years of history, Sunshine Motocross is the leading Bay Area Motocross track. The track, with its long history, has hosted such events as the 500cc National, the Florida Gold Cup, Florida Motocross Series, Florida Vintage Motocross Race, Florida Trail Riders, and the Sunshine State Quad Series.
Track Type
Soil Type
  • Motocross
  • Supercross
  • Night
  • Peewee
  • Quad
  • Practice
  • Freestyle
  • Pitbike
  • Intermediate
  • Restrooms
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Concession Stand
Track Sanctions
Track Hours
Please check the calendar page on our website at
Track Fees
$25 Membership, $10 Gate Fee, $10 Ride Fee- other fees may apply depending on event.
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Sunshine Motocross
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