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Briarcliff MX

Briarcliff MX
4265 Briarcliff Rd
United States
Lat = 40.118150
Long = -82.223490
Track Length
1 Mile(s)
Track Elevation
Track Description
Briarcliff Mx consists of four different levels of motocross tracks, and 2.5 miles of trail loop. The facility as a whole has gradual to moderate elevation change, roughly 30-40 feet. All soils are clay based with traces of sand in different locations, and no shale. Quite possibly the best natural soil found anywhere. The facility rests on a 140 acre tract of land, and can currently provide up to 15 acres of flat parking.
Track Type
Soil Type
  • Motocross
  • Peewee
  • Quad
  • Practice
  • Off Roading Riding Area
  • Pitbike
  • Trails
  • Intermediate
  • Camping
Track Sanctions
Track Hours
Check schedule on website
Track Fees
$25 per rider, per day
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Briarcliff MX
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