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Track Review: Budds Creek

Budd's Creek MX Park (Track Guide)

Mechanicsville, MD

Pro National Weekend 2013

  • Friday was very wet and deep for amateur practice.  If you like rutted, deep conditions then it was perfect!  The jumps were wet and hard to clear, even for Expert riders but they were all fairly safe and the bigger jumps were tamed down compared to Pro Day
  • Tons of riding time on Friday for amateurs!!!  Definitely worth the money.
  • Has lots of elevation change with numerous off-chamber corners
  • There are about 5 steep downhills on the track, 3 of which are long and fast.  On the long hills big breaking bumps develop but there are still smooth lines on the edges of the track usually.
  • Wide track enables you to sweep the outside or take technical inside lines.
  • Flat start into a tight 180 degree lefthand corner
  • Great track for spectating, and a large crowd to show for it.  On either side of the infield, on top of the hills, there is about 75% visibility of the race track.

Budds Creek Pro National 2013 Finish Line

Budds Creek Pro National Freshly Groomed

Budds Creek Pro National 2013 Big Gulp Jump

Budds Creek Approach to Henrys Hill Pro National 2013