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NASCAR Betting

During the summertime season, one sport that attracts a lot of notoriety is NASCAR racing. The season sees about a race each week with a few off weeks. This means that sport bettors have something to bet on throughout the entire summer when some other sports are in their off seasons. Certain races garner more attention than others and have more bets placed on them. Races vary according to the type of track. Certain drivers do better on some track types in comparison to others. When placing a bet on which driver will win a particular race, pay close attention to track type and knowing each driver’s strength can help making a more successful bet. There are four basic types of NASCAR tracks that are run throughout the season. One of these is known as a short track with a shorter distance for a lap. Intermediate tracks are average length tracks. Superspeedways are tracks with larger distances around, such as, Daytona and Talladega. These tracks mean faster driving speeds. The fourth type is a road course which sees drivers departing from the traditional lap track. There are only a few road races each season which means betting on this type of race can be rather interesting given the lack of experience on these tracks. Many spectators at home find that they enjoy multitasking while watching a NASCAR race. One popular choice is to play online casino games. Gaming Club casino games could offer a choice like the motorbike themed slot machine game known as Motor Slot Speed Machine. The game has a total of 20 paylines formed on five reels. One of the best features of the slot machine is the bonus game which is triggered when the speed meter exceeds the 1000 points mark. To get to this point, points are accumulated each time a bonus symbol appears on a reel.