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Mesquite MX Park

SGMX Motoproving Ground

SGMX Motoproving Ground
DC Parkway
St. George
United States
Lat = 37.027499
Long = -113.604856
Track Length
Track Elevation
Track Description
SGMX/St. George MX is open! Placed minutes from downtown St. George, this 30 acre park offers something for everyone! The approximate 1 mile track has tons of elevation changes, with rhythm sections, step ups, step downs and tabletops that can be safely negotiated by riders of all skill levels, and still challenging for the Pros.
Track Type
Soil Type
  • Motocross
  • Night
  • Practice
  • Intermediate
Track Sanctions
Track Hours
Usually open on weekend 10-4 (Check website for more times)
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SGMX Motoproving Ground
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