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Honey Lake Motocross Park

Honey Lake Motocross Park
448-450 Hwy 395
United States
Lat = 40.152322
Long = -120.2963
Track Length
1 Mile(s)
Track Elevation
4100 Feet
Track Description
The facility is situated on a gentle hillside with scattered Pines and Oak Trees. The main track is approximately 1 mile in length, and is one of the most challenging Motocross tracks found throughout the United States. One of the features on this track that is certain to become synonymous with the facility is "MX395". MX395 is one of the longest uphills in Motocross, consisting of a verticle rise of 400 feet. The overall elevation change from the 40 bike start area to the top of MX395 is 500 feet!
Track Type
Soil Type
  • Motocross
  • Peewee
  • Intermediate
  • Water
  • Concession Stand
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Honey Lake Motocross Park
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