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Dogwood MX Park

Dogwood MX Park
1137 170th St.
United States
Lat = 42.10534
Long = -94.426726
Track Length
.8 Mile(s)
Track Elevation
Track Description
a smaller track, 8 tenths of a mile. Good for beginner thru A rider. Plenty wide for mulitiple lines and dicin' it up! Variable soil, loamy, to hard pack, to sandy. A good family atmosphere.
Track Type
Soil Type
  • Motocross
  • Practice
  • Varies
Other Amenities
Track is available for rent at $200. It will be groomed and watered!
Track Sanctions
Track Hours
Tue/Thur 4-9 2 Sundays a month 10-5
Track Fees
$10 weekday/ $20 Sunday
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