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Hoosier Hilltoppers Motorcycle Club
High Fly MX Park 2.0
Podium 1
Nickota Motorsports Park
Horseshoe Bend MX Park

Kentuckiana MX Championship Series

Kentuckiana MX Championship Series
No adress
United States
Lat = 38.800612
Long = -85.841638
Track Length
Track Elevation
Track Description
The all new Kentuckiana MX Championship Series! We have 4 tracks that race in our series over a 14 round series. The 4 tracks are High Fly MX Park, Horseshoe Bend MX, Nickota Motorsports Park, and Podium 1 (each of which can be seen in the nearby tracks tab to the left)!
Track Type
Soil Type
  • Motocross
  • Varies
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