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Victory Hard Luck Jacket- Icon Jacket Line

Victory Hard Luck Jacket-The Newest Addition to the Icon Jacket Line

Icon Motorcycle Victory Hard Luck JacketFor the Fall 2011 season; Icon Motorcycle Jackets handcrafted 100 new leather jackets that they have dubbed the Victory Hard Luck jacket. The rider who wishes to obtain one needs to be fast, cunning and possibly even lucky!

Icon exploded in the world of motorcycle apparel and helmets in 2002 and even though they were met with disrespect they still thrived and have become a revolution in the motorcycle apparel industry. The creators at Icon realized that this group of racers did not have the proper protective gear thus making the company’s mission: to provide top level protective gear to the most at risk group of motorcyclists: the “street” riders. This group of riders quickly embraced this new product and still wears it proudly. From casual apparel to helmets; Icon can outfit any rider with top level protective gear to make their riding experience the safest possible.

Icon’s jackets can be purchased in leather or textile and they offer a line of each for both men and women. The Victory Hard Lucky jacket was preceded by the Hard Luck jacket and has been washed and abraded, inlaid and applique’d, riveted, buckled, snapped and pulled with the lucky #13 ablaze on its hide in the same manner as the Hark Luck jacket. The Victory Hard Lucky jacket has the following specifications:

  • Vintage washed premium leather chassis
  • Icon relaxed fit
  • Removable Icon CE field armor impact protector at the elbow and shoulder
  • Removable Icon dual-density back pad
  • Removable insulted wind resistant liner
  • Custom Icon graphics package
  • Zipper intake and exhaust vents for cooling
  • Limited edition of 100 hand-signed jackets

There are a total of 11 (10 for men and 1 for women) leather jackets to choose from: Victory Hard Luck, Overlord Prime Hero, Overlord Prime Jacket, Overlord, Accelerant GSX_R, Automag Suzuki, Accelerant Perforated, Accelerant Stealth, Motorhead and Hella Leather (women). There is a total of 26 jackets in the textile line (17 for men and 9 for women).

There are 6 (4 for men and 2 for women) new additions to the textile line of jackets for Fall 2011. All have a durable textile chassis, removable CE field armor impact protectors at both the elbows and the shoulders, removable insulted wind resistant liners, and removable Icon dual-density foam back pads. They come in sport fit, relaxed fit and attack fit.

The world of cycling is changing drastically and the world of “street” riders is becoming more accepted than before. Icon is proud to offer Icon Motorcycle Jackets as their contribution to this exciting world in an attempt to keep this group of risk taking individuals safe while at the same time outfitting them from head to toe in style. Icon’s helmets and jackets are top of the line when it comes to protective riding gear; not to mention stylish and durable. Regardless of gender, the rider is sure to find the jacket the best suits their needs, style, attitude and price range. Remember, there are only a limited number of Victory Hard Luck Jackets; so be quick and cunning and get yours first!